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Are There Requirements for What Child Support Money Goes Toward?

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What child support should be used for is a common question for both the parent receiving the support and the one paying. While child support monies don’t have to be spent on specific items, it is meant to provide for the children’s financial needs. Child support can be spent on clothing, food, housing, utilities, school supplies, activity fees, and anything else that supports the basic needs of the children.

If you have questions about child support and what that money should be going to, talking with a family law lawyer can help. Our firm can review your child support order and provide counsel on whether the support amount is reasonable and what you may be able to do if you wish to make changes.

Is Child Support Automatically Taken Out of Your Check?

In Ontario, it is common for child support payments to automatically be taken out of the payor’s paycheck. The way this works is that the courts must issue a support deduction order. The Family Responsibility Office will then let the paying parent’s employer know that the support amount should be deducted from their check. It is also possible to pay child support through other means than automatic paycheck withdrawals.

How Long Does it Take to Get Child Support?

The amount of time it takes to start receiving child support can vary depending on the circumstances of your case. The primary things that impact the timeframe include how long it takes for a child support order to be issued by the courts, whether the payments are being made through automatic paycheck deduction, and how long it takes for the funds to move between accounts. It’s normal for it to take a month or two from the child support order being finalized to actually receiving payments.

Can You Petition to Change the Child Support Amount?

Child support amounts in Ontario are calculated by taking into consideration parental income and the number of children the support order covers. However, there are special circumstances that can warrant having the normal amount adjusted up or down. If you think that the child support amount ordered by the courts isn’t reasonable or there has been a change in circumstances–such as a change in parental income–which would change the support amount, you can talk to a family law lawyer about asking for the order to be modified.

While most child support orders are simple to calculate and fall under normal guidelines, a lawyer can still be a helpful resource in ensuring you know what to expect. You may also want to speak with a lawyer about how support orders are enforced and what the possible penalties are if you fall behind. Get started by scheduling a meeting with one of our lawyers by calling 647-933-2397.

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